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L. Rojas

You might see me at some workshops trying to absorb more lighting knowledge to work on my craft. No, I am not related to Jared Polin, but we seem to share the same barber lol. Professionals who I learn from are surprised anytime they find out that I am learning architecture and how advanced I am without going to school. I guess my hard work is paying off. I have a love for all types of photography and welcome any new challenge thrown my way.

My broad ranges of influences have also made it easier to get better at my new craft and see things in many different angles. My architecture knowledge and my huge eclectic music background infuse me with many iconic photos. My musical inspiration ranges from the Beetles, Bob Marley, Salsa, Cumbia, Hip-Hop, Alternative and EDM, to name a few. Of course can’t forget all the artistic knowledge and inspiration my brother throws my way since he got me started. I did start out with his original gear.

F.T. Gomez

I have been sketching in my school books since I can remember only to realize each year I got better. My drawings have taken me to a lot of places. I met wonderful talented artists who I have collaborated with on great projects. I have worked for many publications and know how many hours and revisions it takes to get something out for edition.

I took a break from drawing and started my own Tae Kwon Do studio, which has always been another great passion of mine; it is very rewarding teaching everyone who comes through my door specially the kids. Then I met my cousins from the U.S. for the first time and found more artistic family members. Our creative and artistic conversations revived my passion to show my talents, motivate each other and collaborate on creativity.

Y. Rojas

I have been creative and artistic since I was young. The only problem was that I never knew it. I thank my grandfather as one of my first creative influences. I also thank him for allowing me to hang around his job sites in Peru. His building plans and actual structures influenced me before I even discovered my art.

After him came my aunts & cousins, who were creative in their own ways. Once again, they let me hang around, watch and sometimes help as they created all sorts of crafts or other artistic talents they had. I guess without knowing it I was absorbing every bit of creativity I could fit into my toddler-sized brain.

As I grew up I had the luck of making amazing friends that are still a part of my life that have artistic talents. I still think they are way better than me.

Anyways I never really took my creative talents that serious or thought I was good enough to show my work out there even though friends and family thought differently. I did things here and there and it was fun having moments where I thought I had skills. After getting my brother interested to pursuit art in a way to relax from his crazy school work and it would also help and benefit him with the courses he is taking. That drive I put into him relit my fire to also get back to my creative roots.

I do a little bit of everything from creative designs to crafting, photography, and much more. So, thanks abuelito for getting me started even though I didn’t know it then.

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